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Gabriel Jiménez has over 25 years of legal experience getting results for his clients.  A graduate of UCLA School of Law in 1996, Mr. Jiménez has spent his entire career helping his clients get the results they need.  The complexities of Immigration law require not just a competent lawyer but an ethical one who will not take advantage of the often overwhelming situation that immigrants face.   Our goal is to make every effort to bring and keep families together.

If you believe that you require an immigration lawyer to handle your case or even to review the facts of your case, contact our office online or call (915) 533-4211 to schedule a consultation.

Exclusive Focus on
Immigration Law

The Gabriel Jiménez Law Office practices Immigration and Nationality Law exclusively.  We are proud to say that we have a niche practice where our singular purpose is to ensure that our clients receive the highest degree of competent legal representation in immigration law. We have over 25 years of legal experience and will use it to make sure that you receive the outcome you deserve in your case. 

Types of Cases We Handle

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A Track Record of Success

Attorney Gabriel Jiménez has a proven track record of success.  Having started his career in Los Angeles, California, as a civil litigation defense attorney representing clients as diverse as General Motors or Los Angeles Unified School District, the goal was always the same: obtaining a favorable result for his client.   That same focus continues today.  We are not afraid to take on challenging cases.   We also believe it is better for our clients to get an honest assessment of their case from the very beginning.  

Deciding which El Paso immigration lawyer to hire can be difficult. There are numerous attorneys who are willing to take advantage of the hopes and dreams of the immigrant community.  Gabriel Jiménez will never do so, and our client reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.  If you want an honest, ethical, and extremely competent attorney to handle your immigration case, call the Gabriel Jiménez Law Office to schedule a consultation.

Comprehensive Services,
Cost-Effective Solutions

One of the first fears that many families have is that they will not be able to afford legal representation or that they will not be able to afford a high-quality immigration lawyer in El Paso. At the Gabriel Jiménez Law Office, our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients while always ensuring that they receive the experienced representation they deserve.

We understand the struggles of those hoping to immigrate to the United States and are honored to play a part in helping them achieve their goals. Our firm provides comprehensive immigration services, meaning that we can handle nearly any issue that arises throughout the process.

In an effort to further assist our clients with their legal needs, we have partnered with Affirm, a financial company, to provide our clients the option to finance a portion or all of their legal fees, whether it’s attorney fees, filing fees, or both.  This allows our clients the ability to “buy now, but pay later” through Affirm financing. 

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“buy now, but pay later” through Affirm financing. 

Facing an Immigration Issue in El Paso, TX? Contact Our Office.

Are you facing an immigration issue in El Paso, TX? Contact our office to schedule an appointment.  All of our consultations are with attorney Gabriel Jiménez, so you will be speaking directly with the lawyer. You deserve an attorney who will fight for you and your family and who will answer all of your questions and concerns. Call our office today at (915) 533-4211 to schedule your consultation.

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